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Last updated 11/25/2011.

Mark III Mini-Sumo

I have assembled two Mark III minisumo robots, YoshiMoto and TojoMoto, and enjoy programming them and otherwise experimenting (playing) with them. Be sure to visit the Mark III web site. You can get into mini sumo for less than $100!

Click to see about my MarkIII mini-sumo robots.


I have a couple of Parallax BOE-bots that I like to play with.

Click to see about my BOE-bots.

WilbyWalker Hexapod

I have built a walking hexapod robotic development platform from my own design that I call my WilbyWalker. Wilby currently uses an OOPIC controller to operate his 12 rc type servos. Each leg carries its own 4 cell battery power. My design puts the batteries on the ground except when the leg is lifted maximizing payload capacity. Wilby can walk or do push-ups with a 2 liter bottle on his back! I have purchased a small TV camers, a video overlay generator, polaroid sonar sensors, an ATV transmitter, Shark IR ranging modules, and more but have not yet incorporated this "stuff" into Wilby's design. String handling out of the serial port to the overlay generator is problematic. I haven't figured out how to send a string without overwriting the transmit buffer...

Click to see the pictures, plans, and source code for my WilbyWalker.

Rhino Robotics Arm Systems

I have a number of Rhino Robotics arms and controllers of various vintages. I am working on building a web interface for these using SitePlayer modules allowing world-wide-web teleoperation of an arm. A snag that I am working on now is that the SitePlayer seems to only do 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and the Rhino controller needs 7 data bits, even parity, 2 stop bits... I can code the data so that the 8 data bits with no parity is the same as 7 bits even parity but overcoming the 2 stop bits without some way to pace the SitePlayer output is killing the project...

Click to see about my Rhino Robotics arm systems.


Tab Sumo-Bot

I have a Tab Sumo-Bot that I play with.

Click to see the information for my Tab Sumo-Bot.

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