I am most likened to a bear, made of spring steel and sex appeal. Note LARGE body type, see photos. I am in good health, no chronic disease, all systems fully functional. I am pretty much clean-cut and drug free, no illustrations, no perforations.


I have no arrests, no moving violations. I do not play or watch sports. I'm sorry, I don't dance and do not enjoy the bar scene or drunken crowds. Note numerous interests / hobbies below.


I have had the same job since 1991, Elevator Adjuster, dark, dirty, and dangerous. Usual schedule is 4 days of travel followed by a 3 day weekend at home. Prior to that I was a Television Broadcast Engineer for 11 years.


Divorced after 15+ years, no kids, no support. I have 2 Australian Shepherds.


I live on 5 country acres 4 miles north of Taylorsville in my 1,500 over full basement that I built with my own hands. There is a "cement pond" 5 feet from the side door and a 1,500 square foot "garage" across the driveway. I also have 22 heavily wooded acres in Hardin County near Colesburg with a mini-cabin (8x16) for "recreation".


I clean house like a man. I enjoy doing the cooking, the machines do the laundry and dishes. I also like to play with my hobby dot com site HiTekGizmos. Be sure to look there for more details on my interests.


I am financially responsible and completely debt free. I always pay my bills on time.



Things I enjoy doing

I also enjoy amateur radio, auctions, BBQing, beekeeping, camping, computers, cooking, cookouts, country life, flea markets, grilling, growing berries, growing grapes,ham radio, hamfests, metalworking, my dogs, oh yeah - you know, robotics, shooting (paper not critters), vegetable gardening, wine making.

Foods I enjoy cooking and eating

Foods that I enjoy include BBQ Brisket, Chili, Chinese food, Goldstar chili, Gyros, Mexican food, ribs, Skyline chili.

TV programs I enjoy

TV shows that I like include Good Eats, horror movies, King of the Hill, NCIS, Red Green Show, Sci-Fi Channel, sci-fi movies, Simpsons, Southpark.



Posed at home.

It hurts to smile!

'Nuf said?

Doctor Livingston I presume?

Random shots at the cabin.

Going in the cabin. What a great butt! Note MOST hair intact!

Luckily the flue has cooled!

I can't think of a thing to put here...

Other shots of me.

Current Driver's License

See, I said like a bear...

Full after Sunday dinner...

The dogs.

Just too damn cute isn't he?

Spooky. She scare easily...

Bruno. He's a pillow that eats. Lives elsewhere.

Back up.