Pull your chicken!

I like my chicken pulled. Slicing doen't give it the right texture. Add a little cummin, some salt, a splash of water.


Toast your tortilas.

Toast your tortilas in a skillet in bacon grease. Yummmmm... Don't make them too brittle.


Stuff 'em!

In a greased glass dish, add a bit of the seasond chicken to each tortila.


Stop, drop, and roll!

Roll them snuggly, put overlap side down so they don't unroll. I have one toasting while I'm filling one. It goes quickly like that.


Holy mole!

For sauce add mole or adobo mix to water, add caldo polo powder, sugar, wisk until disolved and thickened. Make more than you think you will need. Pour over enchiladas.


Cut the cheese.

Top with cheese as desired. Garnish with peeled, toasted pumpkin seeds if desired.



Cook in 350 degree oven 20 minutes or so. Watch so ends/sides don't go dry and burn.

Back up.